Angel Moon – Mission 2

Mission 2 - Angel Moon

Having narrowly escaped the Vaygr attack that destroyed the great derelict station Tanis, only half the fight to get the Mothership ready is over. Now you must meet up with the essential crew members whom are currently on board transports on their way to rendezvous with the Pride of Hiigara in the shadow of the Angel Moon, Hiigara’s one and only orbiting body.

Angel Moon Cinematic

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Fleet Command: Tanis Base has been destroyed.
The Vaygr have launched a massive Invasion.
Hiigaran outposts are falling all across the Inner Rim.
The crew of the mothership is making an emergency departure and planetary defense systems are standing by.
Before we can mount a counter attack, we must rendezvous with the ship’s crew.
We will exit hyperspace in the shadow of the Angel Moon.
A rally point has been established at this location.
Prepare for enemy contact…

 The transport vessels making their way towards the Mothership in Angel Moon.One of the transport vessels showing heavy damage.Escort ships guarding the crew transports.

[1] Primary Objective: Protect the crew transports.

Vaygr attack craft bear down on a crew transport.Your first task upon arriving in Angel Moon, and primary goal throughout this mission is to ensure the safety and survival of 6 Crew Transport vessels making their way to the Mothership’s position. These vessels are designated Bishop One through Six. In order to meet minimum necessary crew requirements, 4 out of these 6 vessels will have to dock with the Pride of Hiigara. If too many ships are destroyed, the Pride of Hiigara will be unable to bring essential systems online, snuffing any hope of swaying the balance of the Overpowering Vaygr force, destined to doom the Homeworld otherwise. Make sure you use the guard order (Hotkey “G”) to protect the transports with your units.

Vaygr attack craft bear down on another crew transport.The 6 vessels come in two groups of 3, from two directions forming a V with the Mothership at the bottom tip. There is also a fair bit of distance between each one as they travel in a line, meaning you will need at least two distinct group of Strike craft to be able to jump back and forth between defending each of these vessels, or even multiple at a time on both sides. As the mission starts, two of these vessels will be under attack from the get go. Split your Interceptors and Bombers into two groups to defend both at the same time. When one crew transport is free from hostile attackers, send the unoccupied defenders to move to the next transport.

[1a] Secondary objectives: Build resource collectors.

Begining resource operations in Angel Moon.You will need to add some additional resource collectors to enhance your resourcing capabilities. Queue up at least 3 additional collectors to add to your force, and as they come off the production line, select them and press the hotkey “H” to make them automatically begin harvesting from the nearby asteroid field which serves as the primary source of RUs in this mission.

[2] Primary Objective: Protect the crew transports. (Cont.)

When command alerts you that the one of the Crew Transports is safe, the vessel immediately speeds up and arrives at the Mothership within moments. Bishop one and two will be saved by just destroying the initially attacking squadrons, so you can cut down on targets you’re defending at once by focusing on those two off the bat. Three through six will require the Carrier to either be destroyed, or its fighter facility taken out, in order to allow them to be “freed” as the Carrier will continue launching squads against these transports as long as it can. Once your extra Resource Collectors have finished, now would be a good time to Queue up a third squad of Bombers, or two if you only have one already, and an additional Interceptor squadron.

Important Note: Since resources are still limited this early on, besides being always a good idea to conserve any RUs possible, it can be immensely useful to keep a constant tab on how well your fighter squads are doing, and if they’ve taken significant damage, or have lost some wing members, send them back to dock for repairs. This option is vastly cheaper and more useful than rebuilding squadrons that have been lost entirely. A good rule of thumb is when a wing of 5 like the Bombers or Interceptors are down to 2 craft left in the wing, send them to dock for repairs, or 3 if they are near heavy fighting, since enemies may give chase and shoot down one or two fleeing ships.

Make sure to switch back to the overview often to keep tabs on the battle, as this will help immensely. I would suggest also constructing a Scout squadron to keep tabs on the Carrier that is launching the Vaygr Assault Craft and Bombers. Having Intel on the carrier can help you get an advance warning on which Bishop transport will be attacked next, although you should keep the scouts far away not to draw aggression from the launching vessels, unless you are looking to draw them away from their end goal momentarily. Probes placed along the paths of the Transports may also be beneficial Intel wise, although not by any means a necessity, as the Bishop transports are far from paper-thin and can take a little beating before you show up to save the day.

[2a] Secondary Objective: Destroy the carrier’s fighter facility.

Autosave Point – Destroy Fighter Facility
Command will alert you shortly into your defensive operations of the Vaygr Carrier in the area, traveling in the space between the two groups of Bishop transports, which is constructing and launching the fighter craft that are attacking the crew vessels. As you get the opportunity to make them available, and especially once you get that 3rd Bomber squadron out, you can send Bombers to specifically target the Fighter Facility subsystem of the Carrier.

Without Interceptor support during this engagement with the Carrier, you are likely to lose some Bombers, especially if Assault Craft move to defend the Carrier, however, as long as Bishops are being attacked, those are the priority for your Interceptors. In lieu of fighter defense, keep an eye on your Bombers so you can send them to dock with the Mothership to repair and rebuild lost craft, thus you can avoid losing wings. This is not an easy task, and will likely take some effort to accomplish as you will be kept busy with defending the transports.

[2b] Secondary Objective: Build a Corvette Facility.

Once the first Bishop transport docks successfully with the Mothership, you will gain access to Module and Subsystem production personnel, and the ability to construct a Corvette Facility will be available. Do this immediately and get Gunships off the production lines as soon as possible, since they will really turn the balance of the defensive effort to your favor.

[3] Primary Objective: Protect the crew transports. (Cont.)

Upon receiving the crews of the second Bishop transport that successfully docks, you will gain access to the research staff and science teams, which unlocks your first research projects. Now is a good time to get those scientists to work on improving the speed of your Bombers and Interceptors. These upgrades, especially this early on in this mission, are incredibly useful, allowing your Interceptors and Bombers to move from point to point around 20% faster for just one level of upgrades. In the case of Angle Moon, this allows your fighters to more easily move between the Bishop transports or outrun chasing hostiles as they return for docking and repairs.

[3a] Vaygr Frigates Arrive.

You will be alerted shortly after the second Transport’s docking (assuming all have survived thus far) to incoming Vaygr frigates that have hyper spaced in and begun to attack the transports. Some of these are Assault Frigates, which can rip your Interceptors and Bombers apart. Keep your fighters away from the frigates if possible, but keep defending the Bishop being attacked by the frigates, from any enemy fighter craft still engaging it. Just as things look their most dire….

[3b] Captian Soban Arrives.

Autosave Point – Catain Soban Arrives
Shortly after the Vaygr frigates show up to make your life hell, a savior and recurring character in the story of Homeworld 2, Captain Soban, shows up with the Kiith Sobani fleet Ferin Sha. These guys will head straight for the attacking frigates, drawing their attention from the transports, leaving you to return focus on taking out the strike craft. If you haven’t already taken out the fighter facility of the carrier, now would be a good time to take some freed up defenders to accomplish that task. If this has been done, make sure whatever craft that were busy with this are back to clearing up the enemy strike craft left over. Soon the third transport will dock, enhancing the Mothership’s sensor capacity and bringing it to full strength.

[4] Primary Objective: Destroy Vaygr Carrier before it Escapes.

Working to take out the Vaygr Carrier.Autosave Point – Destroy Vaygr Carrier
Once the enemy Frigates are down, the Vaygr Carrier will shit bricks and begin to leave the field of engagement. With the help of the fleet Ferin Sha, pursue the vessel with all available craft, leaving some Interceptors to protect the transports, only if you didn’t manage to take out the fighter facility and any remaining stragglers. The fourth transport is likely to dock around this point, granting the Pride of Hiigara full engine capabilities and meeting the minimum necessary crew requirements for normal operations. If you have protected all 6 successfully up until now, you are in for some delicious goodies with the next two docking transports. If you feel worried the Carrier might escape before it can be destroyed, you can try shooting out the Engine subsystem with all available craft, which will eventually bring the Carrier to a halt, guaranteeing this objective’s success.

[4a] Wrapping things Up in Angel Moon.

A squadron of Hiigaran Elite Bombers showing their unique color scheme.If you have protected all six transports successfully in Angel Moon, the Fifth transport that docks will grant you two wings of Elite Bombers. These are a vastly more powerful version of the regular Bomber that you cannot build normally. It is suggested you keep these units safe throughout the campaign, and make sure to dock them often for repairs when squad members have been lost, since there is no replacing them.

A squadron of Hiigaran Elite Gunships showing their unique color scheme.The Sixth and final transport that docks, brings with it 2 squadrons of Elite Gunships. Like the Elite Bombers, the Elite Gunships are irreplaceable, vastly improved versions of their build-able brethren. Try to keep these guys alive as long as possible into the campaign, since their worth will be unmatched by anything you can replace them with, especially considering the limited number of each type of vessel that can be fielded at once.

With the necessary transports docked, and the Carrier vanquished before it can escape, Captain Soban expresses orders that the Pride of Hiigara leave in order to draw away the attention of the Vaygr fleet, while Soban searches for Maakan, the Vaygr Warlord.

Captain Soban heads out to search for Makaan, the Vaygr warlord.The crew transports depart to return to Hiigara.The fleet warps out from the Angel Moon.

Angel Moon – Walkthrough Video

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