Gehenna Outskirts – Mission 4

Gehenna Outskirts – Mission 4

With the coordinates to the oracle given to the Hiigarans by the Bentusi, it is time to begin the search for this ancient device. The Pride of Hiigara heads to the Gehenna Outskirts to disable and penetrate the military defense network that protects the Gehenna asteroid field dig site itself. Fleet Intelligence has located a weak point in the network.

Gehenna Outskirts Cinematic

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Karen S’jet: For thousands of years, the old Kiith clans worshipped Sajuuk as The Great Maker Whose Hand Shapes What Is. It appears he is neither God nor myth. He is real, and Makaan knows this.

Fleet Intelligence: Gehenna is a large asteroid field located beyond the Outer Rimdeep within the Vaygr Reaches. The Bentusi have given us the coordinates of the Oracle. Intelligence data indicates there is a large military installation protecting extensive archeological dig sites. It is surrounded by Hyperspace inhibitors. We have located a weak point. Prepare to disengage Hyperspace.


[1] Primary Objective: Destroy the Hyperspace Inhibitors

Autosave Point – Mission Start
The first tasks here will be to begin resourcing operations while taking the time to check out some new research options that have opened up. It is definitely worth putting the RU’s in for upgraded Torpedo and Flak frigates considering they will see extensive use throughout the rest of the game. Queue up all 4 items, engines and armor for both. There are two resource spots to each side of where you’re fleet warps in. Send a mobile Refinery and some harvesters to one while deploying additional harvesters along with your carrier to the other.Now is also a good time to put some resources into constructing additional frigates and replacing some of the squads you may have lost in the previous mission. Group your forces in control groups, along with 4 capture capable frigates, Marine or Infiltrators if you captured some in the previous mission. It will pay to have the Marine and Infiltrator frigates on their own control group.

[1a] Capturing a Hyperspace Gate (and more..)

Move against the left-most (as though you were facing the same direction as your fleet when it warped in) group of Hyperspace Inhibitors, which are clustered around asteroids in the area, and begin to attack the defenders. Try to send some Interceptors and Bombers straight towards the gates to pop any enemies that are warping in at the time while you get your capture frigates to board and take control of the gate. Make sure you don’t let the capture frigates get too shot up, as we’re going to use them to take a destroyer, and its best to have all 4. Keeping some Harvesters on repair orders with the frigates will help extended their life expectancy.

[1b] Dealing with the Carriers

You should be able to find one of the two Carriers patrolling the Inhibitor area relatively close by your forces as you’re wiping the floor with the last of the defenders at the first Inhibitor group you were just attacking. It should be between the group you went to first and the middle Inhibitor group. Now is a good time to jump both of them before we send the forces elsewhere for a very important task. This way we keep the Vaygr from causing to much trouble on  this side of the gates while the guns are away. Quickly gang up on the first one, which shouldn’t be too difficult as they are relatively unguarded at this point of the mission.Once the first is down, head for the second Vaygr Carrier, which if you cant already see, should be somewhere near the right most Inhibitor group. Again, just beat the living out of it with a massed force of fighters and corvettes and leave the other Hyperspace Gates and Inhibitors alone for now. Time to head back to the gate we captured before. Have a couple small groups of attack forces that you leave scattered about to deal with any stragglers in the area.

[1c] Jumping through the Gate…

Group up the majority of your attack forces by the captured gate and send them all through at once, with the exception of your capture frigates which should jump through a few seconds behind everyone else. Once you’re forces are on the other side you will find 3 Vaygr Carriers guarded by a single Vaygr Destroyer. Jackpot!Immediately have a single frigate to capture the Hyperspace Gate you came through while your attack forces go buck-wild on the other gates and the Carriers. Make sure nobody is focusing on shooting at the Destroyer while you send your 3 free capture frigates to board it. If you brought Harvesters to keep the capture frigates repaired, make sure you refresh their repair orders because they likely lost it when jumping through. If you brought all 4 possible Marine or Infiltrators as mentioned before, you should have no problem capturing the Destroyer as long as they are all doing it at the same time (send the 4th one in when he is done with the gate).By the time the Destroyer is yours, all the Carriers should be obliterated and your forces working on the nearby enemy resourcing operation. Wipe out all remaining hostiles in the area and send your forces back through the gate we captured on this side. If you have nearly depleted the asteroid fields near your Mothership of RU’s you can send some harvesters and a Refinery through the gate to harvest the asteroids you just freed up, but keep in mind your entire fleet will be jumping to another point in the map very soon, so they won’t be there for long.

[2] Destroy the Hyperspace Gates (cont)

Once your forces have come back on the other side of the Gate, it’s time to wrap up our primary objective. Dock and repair any damaged wings or ships while you take the rest of your attack forces and systematically destroy the Hyperspace Inhibitors that are clustered on the 3 large asteroids marked on your tactical map. Fleet Intelligence will give you a confirmation when each group is destroyed but they must be manually targeted to do so, as your forces will not shoot them on their own accord. Make sure you get any significant repairs or resourcing that’s massively important in before you finish off the last Inhibitor. Once the last Inhibitor is down, Fleet Intelligence breaks in to let you know the fleet is ready to make a tactical hyperspace jump. At this point, the entire fleet automatically assembles and jumps to a new point on the map.Autosave Point – Inhibitors Destroyed

[3] Primary Objective: Destroy Vaygr Command Station

Autosave Point – Destroy Command Station
Once your forces arrive at the new location, Fleet Intelligence gives new orders to destroy the Command Station and the remaining Vaygr forces in the area. The first task should be to send your Mobile Refinery and Harvesters to the asteroid field that is behind the warp in location. They will be safe here without substantial defense, as the Vaygr will be focused on thwarting your attack over harassing your operations.Now its time to move the fleet, and by that I mean the whole damn thing. With all your forces still in parade formation, move your Mothership up to the command station so they Vaygr can see Karen blowing them a kiss through the view ports while you smash the Command Station into atoms. While you do this, make sure you re-dock and repair damaged ships, since no repairs will take place during the jump unlike those in-between missions. Also build some more units if you’d like while waiting for the Pride of Hiigara to reach it’s destination. Once the fleet is within regular sensor range, have them unleash their wrath. It shouldn’t take long for the Command Station to fall under the combined fire of your forces.

[4] Primary Objective: Eliminate Remaining Vaygr Forces

Once the Command Station goes nova, have your forces pour over onto the Carrier and Shipyard that are stationed directly nearby. If you were relatively quick about dealing the blow to the trio of Carriers earlier, along with the simple fact of their demise along with that resource operation, the Vaygr should be woefully underfunded and under-defended. The biggest time consumer at this point should be simply how long it takes to wear down the sweet sweet explosive hulls of the Vaygr capital ships. If you’re feeling extra brutal, go for the production factories first to really deprive the enemy of any chances of going down with some dignity. The demise of these capitals wraps up the Outskirts of Gehenna, time to head deeper into the area.

Gehenna Outskirts Walkthrough Video

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