Tanis – Mission 1

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In the First Time, the Great Hyperspace Core was found.
With it came the gift of interstellar travel and the Outer Rim Trade Routes were established, uniting the galaxy in peace.

Four thousand years passed before the Second Core was discovered on a desert planet. Pain and bloodshed flowed its wake, but the Exiles returned to their Homeworld… Hiigara.

A young woman led them across the galaxy, and it is she who will lead them again.
Her name is Karan S’jet.

This is the story of the End Time. 
We know this, because the Third Core has been found…

Under the dark influence of this Core, the Taiidan have risen under a new leader, a Vaygr Warrior-Lord named Makaan. He calls himself the Sajuuk-Khar, the Chosen One.
Many systems have already fallen under his shadow and his eyes are set upon Hiigara.

Deep inside the Great Derelict at Tanis, construction of a new Mothership is underway, The Pride of Hiigara. Once more, the exiles will face the coming darkness.

Starting off

The opening mission begins in the great wastelands, within Tanis Station, where the new Mothership, The Pride of Hiigara is under the final phases of construction. Here you will run the vessel through its final check up phases as its prepared for deployment. There is a single available resource spot of 4200 RUs that is uncontested throughout the mission.

[1] Primary Objective: Begin harvesting. Collect 700 RUs.

Harvesting the RU Conatiners.Command one of your resource collectors to begin collecting the storage containers that sit next to the Tanis Base substructures. Four of the containers have exactly 700 RUs inside of it whereas the others hold 200, so if you make sure to pick up those first, you can complete the objective quickly.

[2] Primary Objective: Build a Fighter Facility.

Building a fighter facility.Open the build menu of the Mothership by either clicking on it, then the build icon, hitting the hotkey “B” or using Alt+F to go directly to the fighter build menu of the Pride of Hiigara. Next begin constructing the Fighter Facility Subsystem which will cost you 500 RUs. These subsystems will occupy spaces on the outside of whatever craft they are built on, taking up an available Subsystem slot. Allow your resource collector to continue his business uninterrupted.

[3] Primary Objective: Build a squadron of Interceptors.

A squad of Hiigaran Interceptors sit outisde the Mothership.Again, you now will have to go back to the build menu and queue up a squadron of Interceptors to test basic combat capabilities. One squadron will cost 500 RUs and can be constructed relatively fast. As you get the resources, it can be worth your time to construct an extra squadron or two.

[4] Primary Objective: Use the Interceptors to destroy the target drones.

Destroying the target drones with the Interceptors.Once your first squad of Interceptors come off the production lines, the camera will be taken control of while you are presented with new data from fleet intelligence. Space station Chimera launches a series of 9 target drones for your Interceptors to destroy. Now is a good time to learn control groups, which can be created by selecting a unit or group of units, then hitting “ctrl”+”1” to grant those units the group number 1, which allows you to bring up that group with the 1 key. Do this now with your squadron if you wish to try this feature then right click the drones to begin the attack. Setting the squadron to aggressive status will make them attack the next hostile target in range automatically.

[5] Primary Objective: Defeat Vaygr forces at Chimera.

The Vaygr begin their attack.Autosave Point – Vaygr Attack
Once the drones have been taken out, another cut scene breaks in, but this one with dire news. Vaygr forces have appeared and begun to attack Tanis base. Space station Chimera will launch a squadron of Interceptors toThe Vaygr bear down on Chimera Station. grant under your control, but it can pay to already have a second, making this freebie squad your third. You can set your fighters to aggressive and set them to intercept the enemy forces, which will focus mainly on the perimeter station and the Tanis substructures.

[6] Primary Objective: Protect the Mothership.

Protecting the Pride of Hiigara from Vaygr attack.After taking out the first two wings of attackers, a new much larger force begins to come in waves. With the Chimera station now disabled, the Tanis substructures begin to receive the brunt of this new attack, however they are more resilient, and their guns will contribute to your defensive actions. Keep your Interceptors on aggressive to make sure they are kept busy and hitting hard. A missile frigate will be part of this attack force that will target the Pride of Hiigara, this will be an excellent first target for your Bombers… A timer will begin counting down from exactly 2 minutes until the next objectives and the Vaygr reinforcements show up.

[6a] Secondary Objective: Build a squadron of Bombers.

A squadron of Bombers join the fray.Head back into the production menu to drop 550 RUs on a squad of Bombers or two, which you should have the resources for by now, given you didn’t splurge on Interceptors. These will come in handy taking out the more heavily armored attackers, such as that pesky Missile Frigate targeting your Mothership. Completing this objective unlocks your ability to produce wings of Scouts. It will help and is highly suggested to have 2 squads of Bombers ready before the timer reaches 0.

[7] Primary Objective: Eliminate the Vaygr Hyperspace Gates and Fighters.

One of the Vaygr Hyperspace Gates goes down.Once that timer reaches zero, new waves of Assault Craft and Vaygr Bombers show up with a trio Hyperspace Gates that will continue to warp in additional attack squadrons if they are allowed to exist. Prioritize your Bombers on the Hyperspace Gates while your Interceptors handle whatever foul machinery makes its way through the gates. Once the gates are down, focus on any Frigates that may have made it through with your Bombers, and wipe clean whatever stragglers are left with your fighter craft. Once this is finished a final cut scene breaks in as an even more massive Vaygr force shows up, obliterating Tanis just as the Mothership slips away with whatever forces you built into Hyperspace.

The Vaygr bring their full fleet to bear.Escaping Tanis.

Tanis Video Walkthrough

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