Mothership “The Pride of Hiigara”

Mothership “The Pride of Hiigara”The Mothership is your base of operations and most important vessel in the game. In both multiplayer and single player games, the Mothership will be the focus of your war efforts in the game. The Pride of Hiigara is capable of building almost every ship in game and can produce and field massive fleets well enough on its own. Always the most important ship in your fleet, losing your Mothership typically spells doom for a level, ending a campaign mission outright and if not doing the same in multiplayer (dependent on game rules) will still be a significant blow to your capabilities.

The Pride of Hiigara was built as a successor to the Kushan Mothership from Homeworld 1 in order to give the Hiigarans a new flagship to lead their fleets in the battle against the Vaygr. Smaller in size than the original, the new version is designed as a warship first and foremost with heavier armor and more complex defense systems. Although initially possessing little in the way of production or research capabilities of its own, the Mothership is granted additional abilities through the construction and attachment of a variety of production and utility modules. There is ample space on your flagship for all possible production modules to be built alongside several utility modules. The Advanced Sensors Module is a highly recommended addition due to the increased sight granted that can be incredibly useful for getting a heads up on any attacks on the prize gem of your fleet.

Mothership – Pride of Hiigara Stats

Attack Rating: 120
Cost: n/a – Cannot be built
Speed: 40
-> 48 – Level 1 Engines
-> 54 – Level 2 Engines
Hit Points: 200,000
-> 300,000 – Level 1 Hull
-> 400,000 – Level 2 Hull

Mothership – Pride of Hiigara Research Items

Hull 1
– “Improves Mothership Hull integrity, allowing it to withstand more damage.” The first and second levels of armor upgrades are stronger bonuses than those typically granted to other ships. This  increase of +50% over +33% makes up for the fact that the upgrades granted will only apply to the flagship of your fleet, as opposed to other upgrades which boost the other ships which can be reproduced indefinitely. Given how essential the Pride of Hiigara is to your fleet, this upgrade is probably the best cost to benefit ratio of all armor upgrades, especially in the campaign.
Prerequisites: Research Module.

Hull 2
– “Improves Mothership Hull integrity, allowing it to withstand more damage to level 2.” Like the first level, this second upgrade to hitpoints is also an important one. Even fully upgraded, the Pride of Hiigara cannot sustain itself under heavy combined fire indefinitely, the extra time these upgrades buys you can allow for extra precious moments for escape or reinforcements to arrive. Try to get this upgrade as soon as it becomes available to you.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module.

Engine 1
– “Improves Mothership conventional drive systems.” Far more useful in the campaign ten in multiplayer, the first level of engine upgrades gives a small +20% boost to the Mothership’s drive systems. Where this becomes more useful in the campaign, is the lack of ability to perform local hyperspace jumps until the final mission of this vessel, allowing your only means of repositioning to be via the slow crawl of the massive drives attached to the back of you flagship. In most cases, this allows you to reposition to more defendable positions or asteroid fields, however some missions like Karos Graveyard when you must wait for the Pride of Hiigara to use its conventional drives to reach the objective point, will actually be sped up with this upgrade and make things easier for you overall.
Prerequisites: Research Module.

Engine 2
– “Improves Mothership conventional drive systems to Level 2.” The second level of upgrades only grants a +15% boost to  drive speed from the base value, making it less important than level 1, especially given the +33% RU cost. Even though this amount (+6) is pretty small, you will still see a noticeable difference. This is more along the lines of something to dump extra RUs into if you feel comfortable that you have the resources to spare.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module.

Improved Manufacturing
– “Improves construction speed by 30% on the Mothership.” Self explanatory yet the most important upgrade you could possibly research for the Pride of Hiigara. While it may seem slightly less useful when your fleet is doing well, you will thank yourself for researching this upgrade in the event that your forces or resourcing operation gets smashed, forcing you to replace a group of ships as quickly as possible.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module.

Improved Hyperspace Drive 1
– “Enhances the Hyperspace Drives Systems, reducing the hyperspace cost by 20%.” Only available in multiplayer, this upgrade is likely to save you it’s weight in RUs even with just one or two jumps, given how expensive hyperspace jumping can be for the flagship.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Hyperspace Module.

Improved Hyperspace Drive 2
– “Enhances the Hyperspace Drive systems, reducing the hyperspace cost by an additional 25%.” Pretty self explanatory, further reducing the costs of jumping. Worthwhile if you’re fighting human players over CPU players given the formers pension for more devious attack plans that may require your Mothership to make a quick escape to a more defensible location. Still keep in mind the general cost of these jumps and avoid draining your funds too far to always keep the Hyperspace jump an option for you.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module and Hyperspace Module.

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