Elite Gunship

Elite GunshipThe Hiigaran Elite Gunship is a special reward unit only present in the main campaign of HW 2. You can earn 2 non-replaceable squads by rescuing the sixth and final (having saved all 5 previously) Bishop Transport vessel from the second mission Angel Moon. These ships are worth keeping alive with frequent docks for repairs, since their attack power is massive, doing more damage to frigates than Pulsar Corvettes, meaning they blast the bejesus out of Fighters as well.

Like the Elite Bomber, the Elite Gunship does not receive benefits from research items that upgrade the Hiigaran Gunship. Even though it does not receive those bonuses, it still retains far more firepower and hit points than the fully upgraded corvettes, only eventually losing out when it comes to speed. They also come with a unique color scheme, although ships replaced from docking and repairs will typically revert to the fleet color scheme, although retaining their heightened stats.

Hiigaran Elite Gunship Stats

Speed: 226
Attack Rating: 112
Hit Points: 3,000 (1,000 each)
Tool-tip Description: Elite Anti-Fighter Corvette Squadron.
RU Cost: 625 (Cannot be built)
Strong vs: Fighters and Corvettes
Weak vs: Frigates and Capital Ships

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