Hiigaran Gunship

GunshipThe Gunship in HW 2 possesses a pair of 180° fire arc turrets, one on the top and another on the bottom of the vessel’s hull. These guns are incredibly effective and shooting down smaller faster craft like Interceptors, or most significantly, Bombers, whose slower speed makes them incredibly vulnerable to Gunships. These craft still have a hard time punching the hulls of Frigates, and are outclassed in vette to vette battles by the Pulsar and Missile corvettes.
Even though their weaponry is not best suited for fighting Frigates, their still significant maneuverability can help ease the odds. This holds true in particular versus Ion Cannon frigates whom do not posses the ability to effectively track the Gunships, although they do occasionally score the lucky hit, which will most certainly obliterate the unfortunate corvette.

Hiigaran Gunship Stats

Attack Rating: 56
RU Cost:
Speed: 215
-> 258 – Level 1 Engines
-> 291 – Level 2 Engines
Hit Points: 1,200 (400 each)
-> 1,560 – Level 1 Hull (520 each)
-> 1,920 – Level 2 Hull (640 each)
Tool-tip Description: Anti-Fighter Corvette Squadron.
Strong vs
: Fighters
Weak vs: Corvettes, Frigates and Capital Ships
Prerequisites: Corvette Facility

Hiigaran Gunship Research Items

Armor 1
– “Improves Gunship Corvette armor, allowing them to withstand more damage.” This upgrade grants +360 hit points to the squad of Gunships, bringing the total to 1,560 HP. This is a +33% boost.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Corvette Facility.

Armor 2
– “Improves Gunship Corvette armor to level 2.” This second boost to hit points adds another +360 hit points, now making the total 1,920 HP. This is a +23% boost in hit points from level 1.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module and Corvette Facility.

Engine 1
– “Improves Gunship max speed.” The first level of engine upgrades for the Hiigaran Gunship grants +43 to the speed of the engines, which is a +16% boost up to a new max of 258.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Corvette Facility.

Engine 2
– “Improves Gunship Corvette max speed to level 2.” This upgrade adds an additional +33 to max speed, bringing the total max engine speed to 291, which is a +12.7% increase in speed from level 1 engine upgrades.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module and Corvette Facility.

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