Minelayer Corvette

Minelayer CorvetteThe Minelayer Corvette is the only ship of this class that comes built as a single unit, instead of a squad of 3. This ship is used to either lay down, or destroy fields of shaped-charge explosive mines. Properly placed, the Hiigaran Minelayer can be a cheap way to cost hundreds of RUs in damage and cause major havoc with an advancing enemy force. Even if lightly spaced to the point where no actual ships are destroyed, a minefield can often make a player panic, heading into partial or full retreat. Keep some probes out to keep an eye out for this reaction, then jump your enemy with some well placed flanking groups, or by hyperspacing on top of them.

Hiigaran Minelayer Stats

Speed: 215
Attack Rating: 48
Hit Points: 400
Tool-tip Description: Utility Corvette. Can deploy mines as a special action.
RU Cost: 800
Strong vs: Capital Ships
Weak vs: Corvettes and Capital Ships
Prerequisites: Corvette Facility, Advanced Research Module and Minelaying Technology

Hiigaran Minelayer Corvette Research Items

Minelaying Technology
– “Unlocks Minelayer Corvettes.” This is a simple research item required to run before you can start producing the Hiigaran Minelayer Corvette at any of your production ships that have a Corvette Facility attached.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module and Corvette Facility.

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