Pulsar Gunship

Pulsar GunshipThe Hiigaran Pulsar Gunship boasts a single massive turret atop its hull, which is a variant of Ion Beam technology, fielding a shorter-wave variant that exchanges duration and firepower for rate of fire and turret tracking speed. This gives the Pulsar corvette an effective role against other Corvettes, Frigates and in handfuls even Capital ships. Like the Hiigaran Bombers, Pulsar Corvettes can also be used to effectively target the subsystems of enemy Capital ships.

While most effective against heavily armored vessels, the Pulsar Corvette’s turret retains significant enough tracking speed to strike fighter craft, although it will have an easier time versus the slower bomber craft than against Interceptors which present significant difficulty.

Hiigaran Pulsar Gunship Stats

pulsargunship-cropAttack Rating: 54
: 215
->258 – Level 1 Engines
->291 – Level 2 Engines
Hit Points: 1,200 (400 each)
->1,560 – Level 1 Hull (520 each)
->1,920 – Level 2 Hull (640 each)
Tool-tip Description: Heavy Corvette Squadron.
RU Cost: 625
Strong vs: Corvettes and Frigates
Weak vs: Capital Ships
Prerequisites: Corvette Facility

Hiigaran Pulsar Gunship Research Items

Pulsar Armor 1
– “Improves Pulsar Corvette armor, allowing them to withstand more damage.” This upgrade is meant to increase the hit points of all of your Pulsar Corvettes. Most certainly a worthwhile upgrade, especially taken early on. This upgrade adds +360 (+33% of base) hit points to the whole squad, bringing the total to 1,560.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Corvette Facility.

Pulsar Armor 2
– “Improves Pulsar Corvette armor to level 2.” This upgrade adds another +360 hit points for the squad of corvettes, bringing the total to 1,920 HP. (+33% of Base, +23% from lvl 1)
Prerequisites: Research Module and Corvette Facility.

Pulsar Engine 1
– “Improves Pulsar Corvette max speed.” This research item will improve the maneuverability of your Pulsar Corvettes, giving them increased survivability when it comes to dodging attacks while allowing for faster response times of your strike squads. This upgrade adds +43 (+16% of base) to the vessel’s speed, bringing the max to 258.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Corvette Facility.

Pulsar Engine 2
– “Improves Pulsar Corvette max speed to level 2.” This upgrade is to further the benefit of the corvette’s maneuverability, whether it is getting from point a to b, to respond to a new threat, or dodging incoming attacks. The second upgrade grants +33 to max speed (+15% of base, +12.7% from lvl 1) bringing the total to 291.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Corvette Facility.

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