Hiigaran Bomber IconThe Hiigaran Bomber is the smallest and fastest anti capital weapons platform available to the Hiigaran navy. These nimble craft are very efficient and disrupting resource operations, taking out frigates and destroying subsystems to allow other big guns to move in and take out the tougher, large capitals without resistance.

Especially with the Improved Bombs research upgrade, the Bomber is best used for disabling weapons systems and vessel production facilities during engagements, which can quickly sway the odds in your favor with the correct management strategies, even in the face of overwhelming odds. These ships are excellent at dodging heavy weapons that could more easily target slower anti capital platforms like the Hiigaran Pulsar Gunship which can be taken down by Torpedo Frigate missiles, whereas the Bomber would avoid such ordnance, especially with both levels of engine upgrades.

Hiigaran Bomber Stats

A wing of Hiigaran Bombers travelling through space.Speed: 260
325 – Lvl 1 Engine
390 – Lvl 2 Engine
Attack: 439
Hit Points: 150 (30hp each x 5 Units)
Resource Unit Cost: 550
Build Time: 40 Seconds
Strong vs: Frigates, Capital Ships, Subsystems
Weak vs:  Fighters, Corvettes and Anti-Fighter Frigates
Prerequisites: Fighter Facility
Armor Type: Unarmoured


Hiigaran Bomb Launcher x2
Type: Bullet firing Gimble
Damage: 135
Range: 1,800m
Rate of Fire: 1 shot every 2.1 seconds (x2)
Projectile Velocity: 1,200m/s
Firing Arc: 10°

Hiigaran Bomber Research Items

res (2)
Level 1 Engine Upgrade –
“Improves Bomber max speed.” Upgrading the Bomber’s engines to level one will run you 300 resource units to research, but pays off by increasing the ship’s speed to 325 up from 260 m/s. This translates to +65 overall m/s speed, increasing the craft’s survivability against defenses and pursuing vessels, besides allowing them to get from point a to b in less time.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Fighter Facility.

res (3)
Level 2 Engine Upgrade
“Improves Bomber max speed to Lvl 2.” The second level of engine upgrades for the Hiigaran Bomber will up the max speed of these fighter craft to 390 meters a second travel speed. Again this translates to an increase of +65m/s from the level 1 upgrade, granting increased survivability and maneuverability in battles to come.
Prerequisites:Advanced Research Module and Fighter Facility. Level 1 engine upgrade.

res (1)
Improved Bombs
“Allows Bombers to launch anti-subsystem bombs.” This gives the Bomber stronger weapons to use specifically against subsystems. This is an incredibly useful upgrade, even if you don’t always specifically target a ship’s subsystems, since the bombs that do land on a turret or engine will make short work of it. If you choose to make the most of this upgrade, use your Bombers to quickly knock out the Engines and turrets of a cap ship, leaving you free to work the armor as it’s dead in the water. The price tag of 1500 RUs is minimal compared to the cost of capital ships which will fall to your hands.
Prerequisites: Research Module.

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