Elite Bomber

Hiigaran Elite Bomber IconThe Hiigaran Elite Bombers are campaign only units, that may be attained in the second mission only, Angel Moon. Players can acquire exactly 2 squads of the Elite Bombers upon receiving the 5th docked Bishop Crew Transport vessel. These wings are vastly superior to their Hiigaran Bomber brethren that cannot be built normally under any circumstances. They have 3 times the hit points of the regular variety, deal 1.8 times more damage with their upgraded versions of the Plasma Bomb Launcher, and about the fastest ship in the game at that point, especially before upgrades.

The Elite Bomber does not benefit from the upgrades researched on the regular variety, however, their abilities far surpass fully upgraded regular Bombers, so this isn’t really holding back any potential here. Because these units are irreplaceable, and incredibly useful when you begin to reach your cap limits later in the game, you should always keep these and the Elite Gunships (if you have them to) on their own control group, so their status can be monitored frequently, allowing them to be sent to dock for repairs whenever some vessels are lost in the wing.

The only visual difference between the Elite and Regular version is the unique color scheme granted to the wings. There is no difference in the 3d model itself. Units within the wing that are replaced during a dock for repairs, will come out with your normal color scheme instead of the Elite type, however they will still be just as effective statistics wise. This is the only way you can ever technically build these vessels, by repairing damaged wings.

Hiigaran Elite Bomber Stats

A wing of Hiigaran Elite Bombers with their unique color scheme.*Campaign only Unit*
Speed: 451
Attack Rating: 789
Hit Points: 450 (90 each x 5)
Strong vs: Frigates, Capital Ships, Subsystems
Weak vs: Fighters, Corvettes and Anti-Fighter Frigates
Armor Type: Unarmoured
Resource Unit Cost: 575 (Cannot be built)
Build Time: 40 Seconds (Cannot be built)


Hiigaran Plasma Bomb Launcher x2 (Elite Version)
Type: Bullet firing Gimble
Damage: 243 (135 x1.8 for elite Upgrade)
Range: 1,800m
Rate of Fire: 1 shot every 2.1 seconds (x2)
Projectile Velocity: 1,200m/s
Firing Arc: 10°

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