Fighter Facility

Fighter FacilityThe Hiigaran Fighter Facility is the necessary requirement to unlock fighter class ship production for whichever vessel it is attached to. Just like the other built facilities that exist as external structures on the larger ships, players may target these subsystems and destroy them to cease production capabilities. This facility operates much in the same way as all the other production modules that Motherships and Carriers can construct. It is always recommended that you have one of these on any production vessels, not only given the lack of requirements for both facility and the vessels it builds, but also considering the lack of warp drives for fighters in multiplayer matches.

Hiigaran Fighter Facility Stats

The Hiigaran Fighter Facility built on the Mothership.Hit Points: 20000
RU Cost: 500
Build Time: 45 Seconds
Type: Production Facility (Uses 1 Production Slot)
Prerequisites: None
Description: Enables Fighter Class production.

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