The Hiigaran Interceptor IconThe Hiigaran Interceptor is second in speed only to the Scout, however is armed with a vastly more powerful autogun. This ship is most effectively used against bombers, resource collectors and the subsystems of capital ships. A squadron of these Interceptors can fly ahead of a main attack force to disable a capital ship’s engines to allow time for additional pursuit forces to arrive, or equally effective at chasing down fleeing enemies to cut them down at the knees.

Armed with a rotary cannon, similar to the Kushan “Blade” Interceptor, this craft excels at striking other weakly armored targets, although the Interceptor can use its incredible maneuverability to prolong its lifespan in engagements with more heavily armored craft, posing a significant threat to even Batllecruisers, if they lack additional support to deal with these nimble craft.

Hiigaran Interceptor Statistics

A single wing of Hiigaran Interceptors travelling through space.Speed: 325
407 – Lvl 1 Engine
488 – Lvl 2 Engine
Attack: 36
Hit Points: 150
Resource Unit Cost: 500
Build Time: 35 Seconds
Strong vs: Fighters
Weak vs:  Corvettes, Frigates and Capital Ships
Prerequisites: Fighter Facility
Armor Type: Unarmoured


A wing of Hiigaran Interceptors engaged in combat.Kinetic Autogun x1 – loaded with rapid-fire kinetic bullets
Damage: 37
Range: 1,600m
Defense Shield Penetration Chance: 5%
Rate of Fire: 2 shot, 1.3 second long burst every .8 seconds
(Avg. every 1.05 seconds)
Projectile Velocity: 2,200m/s
Firing Arc: 25°

Hiigaran Interceptor Research Items

Level 1 Engine Upgrade
Level 1 Engine Upgrade
“Improves Interceptor max speed.” The first level of engine upgrades for the Hiigaran Interceptor will run you 300 RUs, upping the speed of the fighter craft to 407 m/s which is an increase of +82 m/s overall. Upgrading the speed of the Interceptor allows these vessels to perform even better at their primary job, working as a highly mobile light kill squad. In addition, this also makes your fighters harder to be shot down from some enemy defenses.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Fighter Facility.

Level 2 Engine Upgrade
Level 2 Engine Upgrade
“Improves Interceptor max speed to Lvl 2.” The second level of engine upgrades runs 500 RUs while providing a similar speed boost to the first level, adding +81m/s to bring the fighters total max speed to 488, actually allowing it to now outrun or chase down Scouts, which is big. At this point your Interceptors become the ultimate fast response unit, quickly making it to different points on the map as they are needed.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module and Fighter Facility. Level 1 engine upgrade.

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