Hiigaran Scout IconThe Scout comes built in squads of 3, and are effective recon and intelligence units. They have the fastest speed of the armed craft for the Hiigaran fleet however their weapons are light in nature, meaning the damage output is negligible. These ships can be used as an effective harassment units if handled correctly, speeding away from any targets that give chase while doubling back to fire some pot shots at those that give up. They can also be upgraded with an EMP weapon that when used in sufficient numbers, is capable of disabling almost any enemy ship. This effect only lasts for a short period of time, but can be used to devastating effect when combined with a squad of Marine Frigates.

Scout Statistics

A Hiigaran Scout WingMax Engine Speed: 480
Attack Rating: 9
Hit Points: 90
RU Cost: 350
Build Time: 20 Seconds
Strong vs: None, Effective Harasser
Weak vs:  Fighters, Corvettes, Frigates and Capital Ships
Prerequisites: None
Armor Type: Unarmoured


“Peashooter” Autogun x1
Type: Gimble
Damage: 37
Range: 1,200m
Rate of Fire: 1 shot every 1.2 seconds
Projectile Velocity: 900m/s
Firing Arc: 15°

Research Items

“Allows Scouts to fire a EMP attack that disables enemy ships for a limited time.” This research costs 1,500 RUs to unlock the special ability of the Scouts, allowing them to blast an enemy target with a disabling charge. The larger the ship you are trying to hit disable, the more Scouts you will need firing their EMPs.
Prerequisites: Research Module.

Enhanced Sensors
“Allows scouts to “Ping” the mission area, briefly revealing enemy units.” Unlocks the ability to ping locations on the map for the cost of 500 RUs. This feature allows you to uncover ships on the battlefield for a short period of time to uncover enemy fleet movements or resourcing locations.
Prerequisites: None.

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