Defense Field Frigate

The Hiigaran Defense Field Frigate is a special role ship that’s primary function serves to field a temporary shield which it can deploy for short periods of time that protects nearby vessels. This shield is capable of protecting against mass driver projectiles incredibly well, while also reducing the damage cause by Ion weaponry to ships under the protective bubble. When this shield is deployed, 4 “arms” extend from the aft of the vessel which retract again when the shield turns off. There is a recharge time required before deploying the shield again, and the Defense Field Frigate mounts a single turret on the bottom aft of the ship for light strike-craft defense.

Hiigaran Defense Field Frigate Stats

The Hiigaran Defense Field Frigate sitting in its unactive state.Speed: 161
Attack Rating: 17
Hit Points: 18,000
RU Cost: 1250
Strong vs: N/A. Defensive Ship
Weak vs: Bombers and Corvettes
Prerequisites: Frigate Facility, Advanced Research Module and Defense Field Technology
Tool-tip Description: Utility Frigate. Can protect nearby ships from many attacks. Ability must be activated.

Hiigaran Defense Field Frigate Research Items

Defense Field
Defense Field
– “Unlocks the Defense Field Frigate. When activated, the Defense Field protects friendly ships from most attacks.” This research item is a simple unlock project which you are required to research before you begin producing the Defense Field Frigate.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module and Frigate Facility.

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