Flak Frigate

Hiigaran Flak Frigate The Flak Frigate is a powerful defense against fighters. Its flak cannons will quickly tear through squadrons of fighters and can threaten Corvette class vessels as well. It tends to be far less effective against enemy Frigate and Capital class ships as they are capable of destroying it with little trouble. This ship is best used in a supporting role protecting fleets from enemy fighters while having other Frigates and Capital ships protecting it. This ship can also be mixed in with several other Corvettes or Frigates to form small hit-and-run fleet to harass the enemy; In particular, their mining operations.

Hiigaran Flak Frigate Stats

RU Cost: 700
Speed: 161
-> 194 – Level 1 Engines
-> 218 – Level 2 Engines
Hit Points: 16,000
-> 20,800 – Level 1 Armor
-> 25,600 – Level 2 Armor
Attack Rating: 50
Strong vs: Fighters
Weak vs: Capital Ships
Prerequisites: Frigate Facility and Advanced Research Module
Tool-tip Description: Advanced Anti-Fighter Frigate equipped with Flak Turrets.

Hiigaran Flak Frigate Research Items

Armor 1
– “Improves Flak Frigate armor.” This 30% bonus to hit points grants an additional 4,800 HP to the Flak Frigate, which is particularly useful given this frigate’s close range fighting style. This upgrade makes the new total 20,800.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Frigate Facility.

Armor 2
– “Improves Flak Frigate armor to level 2.” The second upgrade to hit points of the Flak Frigate grants the same bonus to HP, making the new total 25,600, although this represents a +23% increase from level 1 armor.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module and Frigate Facility.

Engine 1
– “Improves Flak Frigate max speed.” Researching this project grants +33 to max speed, or +20.5% increase from the base, to a new maximum of 194.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Frigate Facility.

Engine 2
– “Improves Flak Frigate max speed to level 2.” The final engine upgrades grant +12%, or +24 to the speed of this vessel with a cap of 218.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module and Frigate Facility.

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