Frigate Facility

The Hiigaran Frigate Facility is the production subsystem required to produce frigates from the vessel with which it is attached to. Like all subsystems, it can be targeted by enemies and destroyed in order to cease production of Frigates. All frigates it produces come out as single units, as no ships of this class are formed into wings or squads. In addition, Frigates cannot redock to a production vessel for repairs, forcing to rely on Resource Collectors or their own damage control systems to repair any damage dealt. These facilities are also the largest type of production module that can be attached to Carriers.

Hiigaran Frigate Facility Stats

A Hiigaran Frigate Facility attached to the outer hull of the mothership.Hit Points: 20,000
RU Cost: 1000
Type: Production Facility (Uses 1 Production Slot)
Prerequisites: Research Module
Tool-tip Description: Enables Frigate Class production.

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