Ion Cannon Frigate

Ion Cannon FrigateThe Ion Cannon Frigate is the artillery of the Frigate class ships. This frigate is slow to move and target making it a terrible choice against Fighters and Corvettes which are fast enough to run rings around it. Bombers in particular will make short work of an Ion Cannon Frigate. While ineffective against Corvettes and Fighters, this frigate shines when going up against Capital ships. The slow speed of Capital Class vessels give the Ion Cannon Frigate plenty of time to target and fire its main cannon, dealing major damage to its targets. Individually, this ship often will not last long in a fight, but if supported with other ships, it can turn the tide of a battle from certain defeat to a comeback victory.

Ion Cannon Frigate Stats

The Hiigaran Ion Cannon FrigateRU Cost: 700
Speed: 150
-> 180 – Level 1 Engines
-> 203 – Level 2 Engines
Attack Rating: 315
Hit Points: 16,000
-> 20,800 – Level 1 Armor
-> 25,600 – Level 2 Armor
Strong vs: Frigates, Capital Ships
Weak vs: Bombers, Destroyers
Prerequisites: Frigate Facility and Advanced Research Module
Tool-tip Description: Anti-Capital Frigate equipped with Ion Beams. Deadly against Capital Ships.

Hiigaran Ion Cannon Frigate Research Items

Ion Frigate Armor 1
– “Improves Ion Beam Frigate armor.” Although fighting at longer ranges than Flak Frigates, armor upgrades are just as important for Ion Frigates for a different reason, that being their tendency to be deployed against the hard-hitting capital ships. Like the Flak Frigate, the Ion Beam Frigate research grants +4,800 HP at the first level, or +30% to bring the new max to 20,800.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Frigate Facility.

Ion Frigate Armor 2
– “Improves Ion Beam Frigate armor to level 2.” Same bonus of +4,800 HP as level 1 upgrades makes the new total 25,600 with a +23% increase in hit points from level 1 armor.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module and Frigate Facility.

Ion Frigate Engine 1
– “Improves Ion Beam Frigate max speed.” Research this project to grant +20% to the Ion Frigate’s speed, making the new top at 180 by adding 30 to the base speed.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Frigate Facility.

Ion Frigate Engine 2
– “Improves Ion Beam Frigate max speed to level 2.” The second level of engine upgrades the top speed to 203 (+23) which translates to a +12.7% increase in speed from level 1 engines.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module and Frigate Facility.

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