Marine Frigate

The Hiigaran Marine Frigate is a cargo vessel that has been repurposed to mount a single turret, but most importantly, a hold chock full of troops that can be used to capture enemy ships. This primary function of the Marine Frigate works by targeting a enemy vessel to board, which has to be at least frigate sized, but can be as large as possible, then positioning itself against the hull of the target vessel before beaming aboard a stream of marines into the vessel that proceed to capture it.

The large the ship you are trying to capture, the longer the process will take, although larger ships can be boarded by multiple frigates at once to speed up the process. If a Marine Frigate is destroyed while boarding an enemy vessel, the boarding process is halted unless an additional Marine Frigate is still actively boarding the vessel, in which case the process continues without interruption, although slowed slightly. It is helpful to disable the subsystems of a ship before capturing it, as these ships have weak armor and are prioritized as targets, especially while attempting a capture. There are no research projects to improve upon the design of this hull.

Hiigaran Marine Frigate Stats

The Hiigaran Marine FrigateSpeed: 230
Attack Rating: 80
Hit Points: 20,000
RU Cost: 700
Strong vs: Capital Ships
Weak vs: Bombers, Frigates
Prerequisites: Frigate Facility and Advanced Research Module
Tool-tip Description: Frigate capable of initiating boarding action and capturing enemy ships.

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