Soban’s Ship

Captain Soban’s ship is a unique Hiigaran Marine Frigate that is significantly more powerful than its buildable brethren. You will first encounter Soban’s Marine Frigate and his fleet Ferin Sha, which are all part of the Kith Sobani, in the second mission of the Homeworld 2 campaign, Angel Moon. Late in the campaign after rescuing him in another mission, his ship will join your forces.

Like other unique variants of the regular Hiigaran vessels, Captain Soban’s Marine Frigate does not receive benefits from researched items for the non-unique variant. This is not really a big deal, since even fully upgraded, the basic Marine Frigate pales in comparison to Soban’s.

Soban’s Ship Stats

Soban's Marine Frigate(This unit is present in the HW 2 Campaign only)
Speed: 230
Attack Rating: 500
Hit Points: 50,000
RU Cost: –
Strong vs: Capital Ships
Weak vs: Bombers, Frigates
Prerequisites: Frigate Facility and Advanced Research Module
Description: Unique vessel used by Captain Soban in the main Campaign of Homeworld 2.

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