Torpedo Frigate

Hiigaran Torpedo FrigateThe Hiigaran Torpedo Frigate is the basic variant of frigate available to Hiigaran players, being the only ship of this class not requiring an Advanced Research Module to unlock. This vessel comes armed with dual torpedo launchers that are effective against both Corvettes, using a cluster warhead, and frigates with a single high explosive warhead. The Torpedo Frigate can also pose significant threat to capital ships in strike groups.

The Torpedo Frigate is a middle-range type of unit, sitting between the Flak Frigate’s excellent tracking and area of effect damage that wipes out fighter squads, and the Ion Beam Frigate’s high damage, armor shearing but poor tracking anti-capital weaponry.

Another useful note of the Torpedo Frigate is how the torpedoes are fired. The ship does not to be facing or even really have line of sight to it’s target in order to launch torpedoes at the enemy. As long as the Hiigaran Torpedo Frigate is within range of an enemy unit, it will release it’s homing missiles to track down and vanquish your foe.

Hiigaran Torpedo Frigate Stats

RU Cost: 700
Speed: 161
-> 194 – Level 1 Engines
-> 218 – Level 2 Engines
Attack Rating: 305
Hit Points: 12,000
-> 15,599 – Level 1 Armor
-> 19,200 – Level 2 Armor
Strong vs: Corvettes, Frigates (When upgraded)
Weak vs: Bombers, Destroyers
Prerequisites: Frigate Facility
Tool-tip Description: Basic Long-Range Frigate. Torpedoes can be upgraded to improve effectiveness.

Hiigaran Torpedo Frigate Research Items

Improved Torpedoes
Improved Torpedoes
– “Allows Torpedo Frigates and Destroyers to fire improved Anti-Capital Ship torpedoes.” This research unlocks the non-cluster munition warhead for use against the more heavily armored ships, which really makes the Torpedo Frigate quite versatile.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Frigate Facility.

Armor 1
– “Improves Torpedo Frigate armor.” This upgrade enhances the durability of your Torpedo Frigates by adding +3,599 hit points to this ship. This bonus translates to +30% HP and a new max of 15,599.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Frigate Facility.

Armor 2
– “Improves Torpedo Frigate armor to level 2.”
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module and Frigate Facility. The second upgrade to armor will give a further bonus of +3,601 hit points, or +23% HP from level 1, bringing the new total to 19,200.

Engine 1
– “Improves Torpedo Frigate max speed.” This research project will bring the max of your Torpedo Frigates to 194, adding 33 to the base speed. This is a +20.5% increase to max speed.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Frigate Facility.

Engine 2
– “Improves Torpedo Frigate max speed to level 2.” The second upgrade to the frigate’s engines will grant an additional +24 to max speed, or a +12% bonus from level 1, with a new maximum of 218.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module and Frigate Facility.

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