Gun Platform

Hiigaran Gun PlatformThe Hiigaran Gun Platform is a single-burn move automated structure, much like the probes, that can be moved to a single location before having the engines permanently shut off, unable to travel again. Once built although, they follow formation with the constructing vessel, meaning that until given a direct move order, they will follow said ship indefinitely.

Gun Platforms are effective against smaller faster vessels, and along with the Ion platform, can serve as effective and cheap defenders for static locations, such as large resource spots, under threat from enemy attack. Given how cheap they are, the value against strike craft is significant, since they can easily take out several squads of fighters or corvettes, especially used in groups. With dual turrets, the gun platform has 360 degrees of fire, and targets that are on the same vertical plane as the platform, can actually be hit by both turrets at once, since their degrees of fire actually overlap slightly.

In addition, later in the game when you are maxing out your support caps, these will also be useful since they have their own support category, and can be used to further strengthen your power in defending rear areas when your fighting forces are occupied with more important offensive tasks.

Hiigaran Gun Platform Stats

Speed: 125
Attack Rating: 32
Hit Points: 5,000
-> 6,500 – Hull Level 1
-> 8,000 – Hull Level 2
RU Cost: 300
Build Time: 20 Seconds
Strong vs: Fighters
Weak vs: Frigates, Capital Ships
Prerequisites: Platform Control Module
Game Tool-tip: Stationary Anti-Fighter Weapon Platform. Once deployed it cannot be moved again.

Hiigaran Gun Platform Research Items

lvl 1 gun plat hull
Gun Platform Hull 1
– “Improves Gun Platform armor.” This upgrade will grant +1,500 hit points to all of your Gun Platforms, increasing their total to 6,500 and enhancing their longevity under fire. This is a +30% bonus from base HP.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Platform Controller

lvl 2 gun plat hull
Gun Platform Hull 2
– “Improves Gun Platform armor to level 2.” Adds a second batch of +1,500 hit points to the turret, maxing out at 8,000 HP. This is a +23% bonus in hit points from level 1 armor.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module and Platform Controller

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