Ion Beam Platform

Ion Beam PlatformHiigaran Ion Beam Platforms, much like their Gun Platform brethren, are single shot move units, with dual twin ion turrets for anti frigate and cap ship defense. When both platforms are paired, they can serve as effective defenders for stationary locations of importance, such as resourcing operations away from your main forces. In addition, until; given a direct move order, they will follow in parade formation with whichever vessel constructed it, allowing it to technically move forever, as a sort of escort, however their formations can make this ineffective, blocking their own firing arcs in significant numbers.

The Ion Beams are strong enough to rip apart frigates and many cap ships in significant numbers, not to mention their hit points allow them to take a bit of a beating, while their cost means you can easily lose several in taking out a single cap ship, or a couple frigates, and still come out on top RU wise.

Unlike the Gun Platform, the Ion Beam Platform’s turrets do not overlap their degrees of fire. This causes there to be a bit of a blind spot, where ships on the same vertical plane, with small enough profiles, may have a hard time being targeted by either turret. This is not commonly an issue, and easily compensated for with more than one turret at different “heights”.

Hiigaran Ion Beam Platform Stats

Speed: 125
Attack Rating: 167
Hit Points: 5,000
-> 6,500 – Hull Level 1
-> 8,000 – Hull Level 2
RU Cost: 300
Build Time: 20 Seconds
Strong vs: Frigate, Capital Ships
Weak vs: Fighters, Corvettes
Prerequisites: Platform Control Module, Research Module and Ion Platform Weapons Research
Game Tool-tip: Stationary Anti-Capital Ship Weapon Platform. Once Deployed it cannot be moved again.

Hiigaran Ion Beam Platform Research Items

platform ions
Platform Ion Weapons
– “Automated Ion Cannon controls. Unlocks Ion Cannon Platforms.” This is a simple research project meant to unlock the turret for production by any of your ships that have a Platform Control Module attached.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Platform Controller.

lvl 1 ion plat hull
Ion Beam Platform Hull 1
– “Improves Ion Beam Platform armor.” Very much the same as the Gun Platform’s research projects, this upgrade grants +1,500 HP to the Ion Beam Platform, bringing the total to 6,500 hit points with a +30% bonus.
Prerequisites: Research Module and Platform Controller.

lvl 2 ion plat hull
Ion Beam Platform Hull 2
– “Improves Ion Beam Platform armor to level 2.” This second level of upgrades adds another 1,500 hit points up to a max of 8,000 HP. This is a +23% bonus from the first level of hull upgrades for the Hiigaran Ion Beam Platform.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module and Platform Controller

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