Sensor and Module Subsystems

Sensor and Module subsystems are basically structures that can be added on the hulls of Capital Ships, offering various additional abilities in exchange for some RU’s and the occupation of an available subsystem slot.

Module Subsystems

  • Research ModuleUnlocks research and new ships.
  • Advanced Research ModuleUnlocks advanced technologies and new ships.
  • Hyperspace ModuleAllows nearby Frigates and Capital Ships to hyperspace.
  • Gravity Well GeneratorHyperspace Inhibitor.
  • Cloak GeneratorSensor Disruption. Cloaks nearby ships from enemy sensors when activated.
  • Fire Control Tower Improves the combat effectiveness of nearby friendly ships.

Sensor Subsystems

  • Hyperspace SensorsDetects all hyperspace signatures within a radius around the ship.
  • Advanced Sensors Array Improves basic sensors.
  • Anti-Cloaking SensorsImproves sensors against cloaked ships.

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