Mobile Refinery

Hiigaran Mobile Refinery The Hiigaran Mobile Refinery is the mobile docking point pair to the Resource Collector. This frigate sized vessel is meant to allow you to quickly expand resourcing operations to more distant pockets of RUs. In addition to 2 docking points fro resource drops, the Hiigaran Mobile Refinery comes with a set of 8 defensive turrets placed about the hull, allowing it limited capacity to ward of harassers that may try to target your collectors. This is essentially an upgraded version of Homeworld 1’s Resource Controllers.

Hiigaran Mobile Refinery Stats

Speed: 226
Attack Rating: 40
Hit Points: 18,000
-> 23,400 – Level 1 Hull Upgrades
-> 28,800 – Level 2 Hull Upgrades
RU Cost: 800
Strong vs: N/A
Weak vs: All
Prerequisites: None
Tool-tip Description: Resource Collector drop-off point. Can dock 2 Collectors at once.

Hiigaran Mobile Refinery Research Items

Mobile Refinery Hull 1
– “Improves Mobile Refinery Armor.” This is upgrade one of two that increases the durability of your Mobile Refineries, useful if you plan on putting them in precarious places, however not so much when RUs are tight. This upgrade brings the total hit points of the Refinery to 23,400 (+5,400 HP).
Prerequisites: Research Module

Mobile Refinery Hull 2
– “Improves Mobile Refinery Armor to Level 2.” Gives the exact same boost as level 1 does, adding another +5,400 HP to bring the total hit points to 28,800 for the Mobile Refinery.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module

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