Proximity Sensor

Hiigaran Proximity SensorA different variant of the Probe, the Hiigaran Proximity Sensor moves in the same way as a probe does, with one-shot movement, however differs in primary purpose. The Proximity Sensor improves your abilities to detect cloaked ships in the nearby area, revealing them before they choose to reveal themselves to you. Has very limited use within the campaign. Easy enough to go without, unless facing off against a particularly crafty player.

Hiigaran Proximity Sensor Stats

Speed: 600
Attack Rating: 0
Hit Points: 100
RU Cost: 250
Strong vs: N/A
Weak vs: All
Prerequisites: Research Module and Proximity Sensor Technology
Tool-tip Description: Sensor Device capable of detecting cloaked ships. One-shot movement.

Hiigaran Proximity Sensor Research Items

Proximity Sensor Probe
– “Unlocks the Proximity Sensor Probe.” Very simple research item, just something to research before unlocking it’s option in the build menus of your ships.
Prerequisites: Research Module

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