Resource Collector

Resource CollectorThe Hiigaran Resource Collector is aptly named, since it is your tool for harvesting all the potential RUs within the game, that lay in wait as debris or asteroids ripe for harvesting. They are fairly fast, and can outrun frigates and occasionally corvettes, meaning Bombers and Interceptors are the best units to use when trying to chase down and kill any fleeing collectors after a battle.

One particular trick that can be pulled off with Resource Collectors is to research their repair abilities, then send a few to repair you Marine Frigates while they go about capturing enemy ships. This method can help you extend the short lifespans of those ships, and often make the difference in a capture attempt.

Hiigaran Resource Collector Stats

Speed: 276
Attack Rating: 0
Hit Points: 2,000
-> 3,000 – Level 1 Hull Upgrade
-> 4,000 – Level 2 Hull Upgrade
RU Cost: 400
Strong vs: N/A
Weak vs: All
Prerequisites: None
Tool-tip Description: Basic Utility Ship; Can harvest Resources. When upgraded, Resource Collectors can repair damaged ships.

Hiigaran Resource Collector Research Items

Collector Repair
– “Allows Resource Collectors to repair friendly units.” This upgrade is one of the most essential research projects you can make use of. This upgrade gives you the ability to repair your ships by attaching a few Resource Collectors to their hulls, something which when used effectively, will save you countless RUs, especially when it comes to Capital Ships.
Prerequisites: Research Module

Hull 1
– “Improves Resource Collector Armor.” A much more useful upgrade than the Mobile Refinery’s hull upgrade, this research item is cheaper, whilst doing more to protect the truly vital part of your resource op, the collectors. Collectors will often be the target of your enemies whilst harvesting asteroids, or repairing ships in battle especially. Increases total hit points to 3,000 (+1,000 HP).
Prerequisites: Research Module

Hull 2
– “Improves Resource Collector Armor to level 2.” Further upgrades the hit points possessed by each of these ships to 4,000 total HP (+1,000 HP).
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module

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