Sensors Distortion Probe

Hiigaran Sensors Distortion Probe A probe variant that is new in this release of Homeworld, the Sensors Distortion Probe moves to a single location before being immobilized. This probe variant’s primary function, as the name suggests, is to scramble the sensors of your enemies, working to hide your ships from them on the overview. Probably most effective in multiplayer as the effect it has an CPU controlled forces, especially in the campaign, is hard to gather. Has three wings that extend out near the engine when deployed.

Hiigaran Sensors Distortion Probe in flight

Hiigaran Sensors Distortion Probe Stats

Speed: 600
Attack Rating: 0
Hit Points: 100
RU Cost: 600
Strong vs: N/A
Weak vs: All
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module and Sensors Distortion Probe Research
Tool-tip Description: Remote device that scrambles enemy sensors. One-shot movement.

Hiigaran Sensors Distortion Probe Research Items

Sensors Distortion Probe
– “Unlocks the Sensors Distortion Probe.” Simple research task required before you are allowed to construct these units any any of your production ships.
Prerequisites: Advanced Research Module

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